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An Overview of ORSC Fundamentals: The Next Wave in Coaching

Organization and Relationship System Coaching is a powerful platform for effecting small and large-scale change. Join faculty member, Linda Berlot in an exploration of Relationship Systems Intelligence, The 3rd Entity, and Team Toxins.

Happiness Works Survey: Introducing a New Tool for ORSCers

The Happiness Works survey allows organizations to look beyond stress management and engagement to get to the real drivers of great jobs. The Dynamic Model upon which the survey is based aligns closely with the ORSC Model.

In this one-hour session, you'll have an opportunity to learn more about this tool, and how it can be applied in your client work.


ORSC: A New Lens for Team Coaching

Team Coaching is becoming a popular method for effecting change with larger groups in a more impactful and sustainable way. But coaching a team is more than just working with a larger group of individuals. A systems focus is required in order to be truly effective.


ORSC Intelligence: A Roadmap for Change

Panelists Marita Fridjhon, Sandra Cain and Rob Seidenspinner discuss the 7 keys for change covered in the second ORSC course n the series, and explore the concept of 'Edges.'


Systems-Oriented Leadership

Watch our webcast featuring founder and CEO Marita Fridjhon as she explains the need for a new leadership model for the 21st century.


ORSC Certification Informational Webcast

Watch our webcast and learn how you can obtain the ORSCC credential and about the elements that comprise our ORSC Certification training program.


Organization & Relationship Systems at Work

Watch our webcast to learn how to apply Relationship Systems Intelligence to the workplace.


CRR Global Audio Files

The Dreaming Nature of Teams: a webcast from the Team Coaching Zone

Join Marita Fridjhon and interviewer Krister Lowe as they explore the metaphysical nature of emergence and what this means for team coaches. A fascinating, surprising and deep discussion that will feed your mind.

Alchemy: The Art and Magic of Creating Through Relationship

Join Faculty member Lori Shook as she leads a panel discussion amongst course alumnists and leaders to learn how Alchemy can enrich and deepen your coaching practice or training and facilitation skills.


The Coach as Deep Ecologist: Moving Leaders from an Ego System to an Eco System

Join Marita Fridjhon as she explores a new paradigm for coaching leaders and future leaders that leverages Systems Inspired Leadership. Recorded during the Leadership Summit - 2013 courtesy of Coaches Rising.


Change Management

  • How to tap into the incredible potential for transformation present within communities, teams and relationships.
  • How to work directly with the Third Entity of a team or group, as opposed to simply developing individual group members.
  • The unique value that systemic and relational coaching brings to facilitating change in individual coaching.
  • A practical exercise to help you apply a more systemic and relational approach to your work with teams and individuals.

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