ORSC Path: Vision & Potential

Relationships are inherently generative-they produce something the moment two or more people get together. What is created may be feelings or stories or plans or ideas. It could be something as mundane as a task list or as profound as a baby.

In this course you will focus on partnerships as a creative force, and examine sophisticated concepts like the Path of Relationship, Quantum Physics and Dreams while exploring how to create a shared vision and a strategic plan for achieving that vision.

The Path of Relationship

Relationships, personal and professional, are paths to growth. In order to maximize the power and potential of relationships, one must understand the different levels of reality in which relationship dwells, and then become more fluid at moving among those levels. In this course, you will learn how to help your clients choose what they create.

Conflict Management

The Path Course also provides tools for working with conflict, which is so crucial anytime you’re dealing with relationships. Since most conflicts arise when people don’t share a vision or the same “consensus reality,” the first step to mitigating conflict is to be aware of those differences. During this three-day course, you’ll have the opportunity to practice using several tools that will turn conflict into a powerful engine for growth.


“I've been using ORSC in my work for nearly a decade, and it rocks! My practice is enormously successful and I feel fulfilled having taken the courses and applied the contents with hundreds of couples over thousands of hours of coaching calls, as well as fortune 500 companies, non profits and governmental agencies. This stuff works and beats what any competitor is offering!"Charles Zook, CPCC, MBA
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Cost $1499
CCEUs 18
Length 3 Full Consecutive Days

Prerequisites: students must have completed ORSC Fundamentals, Intelligence and Geography courses.


Myths are powerful and archetypal narratives that shape our reality. As relationship systems evolve, inevitably new myths take shape, some of which can create an identity crisis as the individuals wtihin the system continue to act from the “originial myth,” when in fact, they already occupy a new one. In Path you’ll explore how to locate a “myth crisis” and then work with your client to manifest the new myth.

By the completion of this course, you will:

Understand the theory and application of the Three Levels of Reality and how they are critical to the healthy functioning of relationship systems of all kinds.

Be able to uncover and coach the conscious and unconscious fears that impact relationship behaviors (High/Low Dream).

Know the theory for identifying the deep meaning of each relationship system and have the tools to assist clients in accessing it (Relationship Myth).

Understand the function of relationship myth as a governing structure for relationships of all kinds and the need for myth change over time.

Have tools for working with myth and myth change and have a chance to practice those tools with personal and organizational vignettes.

Have a tool for creating conscious and intentional emotional fields to support specific coaching situations (MetaSkills™ Wheel).

Possess a set of large-scale tools for bringing an organizational vision down into practical reality (Bringing Down the Vision).

Know at least three techniques for exploring the transpersonal aspects of relationship systems; (Myths, MetaSkills™, and Partner as Aspect of the Divine Dreammaker).

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